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Highland Recreation Association is a non-profit group dedicated to providing youth sports activities to the youth in the Highland school district community.


Our Philosophy

The Sports Philosophy of the Highland Recreation Association is to instill a positive attitude, sportsmanship, basic fundamentals, confidence, and high moral standards. Youth Sports Programs develop the physical, psychological, and social aspects of youth.


Our Goals

Our programs emphasize participation, fun, sportsmanship, and downplays a competitive approach to sports.Athletes are our most popular heroes. At all levels of play they are admired, emulated, and followed by those who watch them. But in recent years, sport has been losing. Scandals, greed, and inappropriate behavior by athletes, fans, coaches, and parents are not an uncommon occurrence. Regrettably, much of this negative behavior is picked up by young people, despite the efforts of many others involved at all levels of sport who give the best of themselves to their sports and their communities.


The Highland Recreation Association recognizes and accepts the opportunity that sports provide for developing character and leadership potential and in making a difference in our community. The Youth Sports Code of Ethics provides guidelines for personal and leadership development. The Code reflects the desire to live a responsible life as an individual, as a member of a team, our community, and as a member of society. Those who grow up with Youth Sports Ethics will be formed by a set of values that provide a foundation for life.


It is the goal of the Youth Sports Program to encourage all participants, coaches and parents to:

  • Work hard at their sport.
  • Demonstrate what it means to play fair.
  • Win or lose with grace and dignity.
  • Give something back to their communities.